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About Me

I graduated from American High School in Chicago at the age of sixteen. I wrote articles for a local newspaper for one year. I have had my poetry published in two books. My first poem was published in "Dappled Sun and Rays of Light" by Random House in 1992.  More was published in "Odds and Ups" also by Random House in 1996.

I have not made my big break into the known writing world. But, this does not bother me very much as I have made a big break in my own self development and satisfaction which means so much more to the artist.  I am free of the entanglements of HOW I should be and WHAT I should do. I simply am, take me or leave me.

I do have gifts. Born in me without my asking. I am filled to the brim with imagination and stories. Pictures run in my mind so vividly I could easily sit and watch them as one does a television.

I am a mom of two wonderful wild boys, and wife to one fabulous man for the past fourteen years. I live by faith, love and hope while balancing all that is good and bright with my dark side.  I am not afraid of the dark, I accept that with out darkness we would never see light.

I am to words, what Beethoven was to music.  I create things daily, sometimes for clients and some days for myself and on special days for the publisher that will some day find me and finally put my name on a book.

Geri Gross